Almost everyone with access to the internet

Nowadays, almost everyone with access to the internet has some sort of personal social media page to their name. A Facebook to communicate with friends, an Instagram to post pictures, even a Twitter to share your thoughts with the world. You name it, your friends probably have at least one account. In fact, since almost every person has a social media page of some sort, employers have taken to searching the pages of potential employees to find new information that could aid the hiring process. But this new step in hiring has led to some controversy among the masses. Should a person’s personal social media be consulted by employers? Or is social media a private space free of judgement? Social media should not be used by employers when investigating new potential employees to avoid discrimination and bias for or against a new hire, and avoid running into legal liabilities.

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Date 2 -- The One with the Signal

One of the very first folks to recommend a date was an old university friend,'The Alleycat'. We raced with all the Cambridge ski team, and were equally in the college drinking and athletic societies... one of which was called the Alleycatz, hence her nickname.

The Alleycat is presently doing a Phd, and had met'The One with all the Signal' when he drifted up to Durham to go to his cousin, The Alleycat's Phd manager. She had gone for drinks with'Towts' (as I will start calling him) , and if she approached me to say he was eager to help with benaughty review, she told me she'd found him quite interesting and believed he'd be an enjoyable blind date.

I'm not gont lie, after Date Number 1, I was somewhat worried about my next date. The challenge was beginning to feel as though I was forcing myself to go on a string of dates with men I knew I would not be at all attracted to, and the truth of the next three months appeared to be nearly the complete opposite of what I had hoped to achieve. I didn't want to invest thirty dates comparing each moment to my dates with Henley Boy and wondering exactly what went wrong.


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