Summary of Power Switch Analysis

Power Switch Circuit Analysis

Switches are the key to electronic conversion of energy. Three major aspects of design – the hardware, software, and interface problems – can be defined and studied. Consider some of the major concepts covered so far: The hardware problem (build a switch matrix). Switches can be organized in a matrix. Given information about the source and the load, the switch […]

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Kirchhoff’s Voltage and Current Laws

Kirchhoff's Voltage Law

Granted, a switch circuit can perform power conversion, and granted, it can be described as a switch matrix. How do we make the choices of switch operation? Consider first the simple circuit shown to the right – something we might try for AC-DC conversion. This circuit has problems. Kirchoff’s Voltage Law (KVL) tells us: The sum of voltage drops around a […]

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Introduction to Switches


We have seen that circuits involving switches and energy storage can be operated to give energy conversion functions. Switches come in a huge variety including mechanical and semiconductor styles. It is important to develop a systematic way to identify appropriate power electronic circuits, and to find out how they can be controlled to give the desired performance. Consider, for example, […]

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